Friday, 9 May 2014

I love the smell of Veldspar in the morning

Pew-Pew lAz0rs!!!11!
Working the night shift can make finding time for gaming difficult. My post work relaxation time, or evening as normal people would call it, is usually a couple of hours either side of eight o'clock in the morning. That means that all of my gaming friends are in bed or in work, neither of which is ideal for grouping up in an MMO. As such I have to make an effort to get online for an hour or two in the evenings, before I go to work, to catch up with my outfit mates in PlanetSide 2. But what about that post work period? I don't really want to come in after a hard shift and go straight to bed! I need to relax a little first.

It's in these early morning hours that I tend to get most of my single-player gaming done. Typically, this has been on a console, but in recent months it's seen me more and more turning to solo play in an MMO. For a while I was spending my time sauntering around Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings Online, but since returning to EVE, I've not spent a single second staring at the arse-end of a Bree Pony. The way I play EVE means it is fantastically suited to my early morning needs. The semi-AFK nature of asteroid mining in EVE means that I can catch up on the nights Twitters, check my clan's forums or even watch some telly on the second monitor while I'm doing it, but also keep an eye on what's going on in case some belt rats or gankers decide to show up. As I'm typing this, EVE is on the main monitor and my Mackinaw is sat in space, strip mining the hell out of some Rich Plagioclase asteroids. When the ore hold is full I'll scoot off back to the station where I'm based and refine it into the Pyerite I so desperately need to feed my production line. But while that is going on it gives me time to make blog entries! The main reason this blog is so patchy update-wise is that generally I'd much rather be playing games than writing about them, and if I've got the time to write then that is time I should be spending playing! Only with EVE, I can do both at the same time and as such I'm hoping that for a little while at least, I can keep to some sort of regular update schedule.

Now I just need some topics to write about I suppose...


  1. Ahh mining is such a noble profession, what are your thoughts on Trions archeage, almost wannabe Eve in fantasy setting. As for topics, do you see CCPs Legion as a contender to SoEs Planetside Franchise? If so was the exclusive Playstation gimmick a way for SoE to avoid Dust 514 taking PS2 players?

    1. Hmmm, some interesting ideas there, cheers for that! I'm going to have to look into Archeage a bit more before commenting, but the little I've seen does look interesting

    2. I want to chime in on Legion. Lets just say that there are a bunch of people that are invested in Eve that have PC's. Everyone I've talked to will at least try it.

      There was this speech at a Fanfest I attended that outlined an extremely ineresting play mechanic. In short it was something like... "You go into Wornholes with your fleet. You find a Sleeper Relic site. You clear the Sleepers at the site, anchor your ships at the structures and go in... There you find and battle different Sleepers and find loot and adventure. You emerge back, rich beyond dreams only to find other players heve destroyed or stolen your ships. The only way home is by the barrel of your own gun."

      Yeah, I'd sure like that mix of spaceships, shooter, PvE and PvP. A lot.